Strategies to Create a Strong Learning Community amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the functioning of society, mainly the educational design. In the earlier days, when education was available only through a physical mode, things have now changed. With the adoption of technology in the educational industry, knowledge is no longer restricted to physical academic institutions but is now available on online platforms.

People can now learn from the comfort of their own homes whenever they wish. However, the impact of physical schooling that was made is not completely achieved on online platforms. So, with a few essential tips, here’s how you may build a thriving learning community in the midst of the pandemic:

Integration of activities

In a physical setting, individuals would meet each other and make connections with each other. This is possible on online platforms, too. However, an online meeting cannot replicate the essence of a physical meeting in an online setting.

Integration of activities

As a result, if you want your students to connect in an educational context, incorporate activities that allow them to interact with and learn about one another. These activities should be highly engaging and participatory, allowing students to open up to one another and improve their community learning features.

Make use of community building tools

Online learning is a new initiative that is unusual for both students and educators. If you are unsure of what activities to include in your class, consider using community-building tools. There are numerous community-building tools and software available online.

community building tools

These community-building methods demonstrate to students that you, as an educator, are always available for them to be heard. You can also use these community-building techniques in the classroom to bring everyone together and bring people closer together, giving everyone a sense of belonging in the environment.

The most frequent example of community building technology is social media, where you may create a group and constantly engage with each other virtually.

Show your concern to the students

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed been hard on everyone. There may be occasions when your student is absent from class for a long time. As a result, it is your responsibility to make them feel loved.

Always remember to show your appreciation for the youngsters by welcoming them on their return with cards and banners that show how much you care about them. You can also ask other students to greet them with whatever they want, which can motivate them and make them feel appreciated during this difficult time.

Provide every kind of support necessary

Some students, particularly introverts, find it challenging to communicate. These students are reluctant to express themselves in front of others. You, as an educator, may help students enhance their communication skills by organizing activities such as debates, skits, and virtual speaking competitions.

communication skills

These activities will help them improve their communication skills and teamwork. Furthermore, you can manage personal sessions in which students can discuss to you their lives, whether personal or educational, to receive mental and emotional support throughout the process from you.

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